Only One is no longer maintained

Thanks to everyone who tried this innovative dating app. We're shutting this project down for time being in favour of other ventures. We may restart the project in the future đź‘Ť

Re-think dating

We don't agree with the way the dating apps shape our interactions. It's time to set some rules.

OnlyOne banner illustration

Forming a real relationship requires intimacy.

OnlyOne banner illustration

Judging someone by their picture is not okay.

OnlyOne banner illustration

Having too many options makes it harder to choose.

Don't you agree?

At OnlyOne, we do it right

OnlyOne is a dating platform that brings together people who value stories over flashy profile pictures, and real personality over illusive first impressions.

Here’s how it works.

Talk to OnlyOne

“Talk to OnlyOne” on Google Assistant

It’s as simple as that. You’ll be greeted by the OnlyOne matchmaker. She will sign you up and guide you through an interview to get to know you better. We hope you can be friends!

Find matching profiles on OnlyOne

Find matching profiles

The matchmaker will search for other OnlyOne members you might find interesting. She’ll briefly introduce their profiles by telling you their stories, and ask if you’d like to start a chat.

Distraction-free dating

Get to know each other in a distraction-free manner

Here's the thing: once you start chatting with a chosen member, you become invisible to other members. We don't want to distract you with constant notifications or "missed opportunities." We want you to focus on your match and respect the intimacy of the first conversations.

Better matches

Not the right one? Don't worry.

You always have an option to come back to the OnlyOne matchmaker if things didn't work out this time. The matchmaker won’t suggest that previous member to you again, and will learn a bit more about your preferences.